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Motivation Mobile: A Turnkey, Pop-Up, Break Time Experience Company
The Fun and Inventive Alternative to Boring Employee Engagement Events. Make your next Health & Wellness initiative more fun than your last holiday party!

Motivation Mobile provides break time experiences at your existing site or off-site. Partnering with HR/H&W teams, Motivation Mobile provides a spectacular array of “pods of activity" to engage and motivate employees. Using our “Four R’s” - Refresh - Recharge - Refocus - Return - we guarantee employees will leave more motivated than ever before.

Our “pods of activity" are carefully developed, and we provide the H&W data attributed to each*. As part of an ongoing "employee break time" study (the first of its kind) with Baylor University, our experiences are not only lively and fun, but steeped in research to prove they help employees become happier and more productive.

*Because our offerings are research-based, our experiences can often be included in your tax deductible line for insurance and H&W budgets.

Example Pods Of Activity Include:
Culinary Pod - A snack tasting menu. Colorful, fresh, and designed to motivate.
VR Pod - We bring the best of virtual reality to your offices. Take a walk in the woods, run by the ocean, sit by a crackling     fire...all without leaving your breakout area.
Grandma Hugs Pod - There is nothing more encouraging than a chat with grandma. Our grandmothers are REAL               grandmothers, trained to encourage and brighten the day of anyone they meet (hugs, optional :-)
Personal Sandbox Pod - Unwind with state-of-the-art, personal sandboxes. A big favorite.
NuCalm Pod - Neuroscience technology in zero gravity chairs to get you relaxed like never before.
Give Back Pod - We have partnered with several charities and altruistic entities to give employees a chance to help others.
Garden Pod - Employees pick from various types of plants, grown specifically for desk environments.
Jewelry Therapy Pod - Choose from various precious and semi-precious stones and beads to create your own bracelets     and cuffs.
Energy and Aromatherapy Pod - Pulse point essential oils, atomizers, energy stones, and other natural & motivational     elements to take back to your desk.
Vitamin C Bar - Everything an employee needs to stock up for cold &flu season! From fruited water towers to Vitamin C     desk kits, this pod has workplace colds running for cover.

Motivation Mobile Is Available:
• For In-Office, Pop Up Experiences (Day Rates to Weekly Packages, and More)
• Off-Site Trips and Team Building
• Extraordinary Themed After Hours Team Building Events
• Experiential Breakfast and Lunch Meetings - transforming a mundane meeting into a Motivational Experience

Motivation Mobile
Motivation Mobile

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