who is globacore?

Globacore is a boutique interactive agency and technical resource to the event and exhibit industry. With the depth of knowledge of traditionally trained computer scientists and the aesthetic vision of our digital artists, we have the key skills and talents to enable us to stay at the bleeding edge of interactive design and development. We believe that art and technology are inherently intertwined. Globacore aspires to provide the creative industry with a specialized technical resource to create things that have never been seen before. Working with marketing agencies, marketers, brand strategists, exhibit designers and museum curators, we encourage our customers to come to us with any idea for an interactive system no matter the difficulty.

what do we do?

We design, develop, execute, and install all forms of interactive experiences. Whether you're looking for a bank of touch-screens for your corporate lobby, a 20 foot multi-touch wall for your trade-show booth or a mobile app that manages all of the above, we can do it for you.

how do we do it?


    • Mobile Apps


    • Websites


    • Touchscreens


    • Multi-Touch/Surface Computing


    • Augmented reality


    • RFID-based Lead-Gen Tracking, Dynamic Environment and Content Personalization


    • Phidgets and Controllers


    • Object/Facial Recognition


    • Virtual Environments


    • Data Visualization


    • Computer Vision Interactions


    • Social Media Integration


    • Mobile Integration & Development


    • (Insert your ideas here)


Why you should call us

Fascinate your customers. Extend your message. Strengthen your strategy. We were born out of the trade-show business and know that being flexible, helpful, and the quintessential team-player just makes life easier for everyone. We'll help you brainstorm, cost and quote, educate you on the technology and then help you prepare your pitch. We'll design, build and program the entire experience, install on location, support you during the event and anything in-between. Let us do the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what you do best.


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