We make successful events easier.

Meet the new EventMatrix - event technology that allows you to create event experiences
that drive & measure ROI, and gives you the controls.

Take control. Build in-house. Setup faster.

Accelerate setup time, increase visibility and own your event with EventMatrix. We give you a portal to build surveys, themes, forms, dashboards and more.

Large scale events? No problem.

Design surveys reliable enough to capture millions of records in the field, without batting an eye. Plus manage, transform, tag and integrate data securely & reliably.

Simplify. Dashboards that track what matters to you.

Build custom dashboards so you can focus on what matters to you. Create reports for different teams and people, so everyone sees what they need to see.

Optimize. Update in minutes as you gain insights.

Edit and publish changes to live online events in minutes as you watch your event data trickle in in real-time. With the power to control your events, optimize over-time for your best results.



Event Tech Consults

We work with your creative teams to combine technology solutions that help you meet your goals.


Lead Capture

Build lead capture surveys, waiver forms, registration pages, incentive signs ups and more.



Use custom microsites to promote your events, pre-register attendees, promote incentives and engagement, and more.


Work with experts to create custom interactions, games and contests to promote attendee engagement.

Tracking & RFID

Get richer data & track participation with attendee tracking tools like RFID and beacon technology.

Hardware & Logistics

Support your events with device rentals & logistics management to ensure you have what you need on-site.


Watch & manage all of your events,
in real-time with customizable dashboards so you can action faster.


Get custom integrations into your CRM, marketing automation software and more. Improve lead attribution & follow up abilities



Where we come from.

EventMatrix is a product of In-Touch Insight Systems, a technology & services company that has been providing data collection, customer feedback and field audits and evaluations to brands across North America for over thirty years. See history.

Our experience.

We are proud to work with some of the leading brands in the automotive, insurance, equipment, manufacturing and agency industries to deliver scalable reliable event data capture around North America. In 2014 alone, EventMatrix technology supported lead and data capture at 2871 events, with largest events reaching almost six million attendee records collected.



Event Measurement/Analytics Data Collection/Lead Generation

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