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  • This mixed reality room by THEORIZ projects surreal landscapes that constantly rearrange based on visitor motion: https://t.co/AvYlyegHtf
  • This morning in Paris we presented our session and workshop "Leveraging Immersive Technologies" to #ABPM under theā€¦ https://t.co/N5qZurw1gV
  • World Expo 2017 recently opened in Astana, featuring spectacular architecture with a theme of Future Energy: https://t.co/wLKs8IwQuU
  • Sweden's Museum of Failure celebrates the role of failure in innovation through products like Apple's Newton: https://t.co/SloOULc4Jt
  • Dough Universe is a a conductive dough that kids can use to build creatures that move, illuminate, and make music: https://t.co/1QC2Dt2rGn
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