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BobCar Experiential Media drives brand awareness utilizing today’s emerging marketing tactics, word-of-mouth and social engagement – all resulting in unsurpassed, GUARANTEED ROI.

From concept through completion, we connect consumer passion with authentic brand loyalty ACROSS THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

Look to BobCar Experiential Media as the AWARD WINNING agency to drive your marketing success.



It drives everywhere and fits anywhere


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Our bilingual team is ready to share your message!

BobCar is the only fully patented, eco-friendly way to enhance your reach and engage your audience. Our professional Brand Ambassadors work hard to bring your ideas to life—resulting in award-winning work, increased awareness and guaranteed return on investment.




We bring your audience more than a billboard to look at—we offer an entire showroom. Captivate the crowd and get them talking with our patented BobCar, complete with trained Brand Ambassadors for full customer engagement.


Our professional Brand Ambassadors are trained to understand your brand and share your message with ease. Bilingual, friendly, and ready to answer questions one-on-one with your customers, these Brand Ambassadors do much more than just set up your BobCar showroom.


Bring BobCar along to a live event and you’ve brought your brand (and showroom!) into a place where social media, consumer engagement, and word of mouth can really give your company a big boost.


Ready to show off your brand beyond the showroom? Our Brand Ambassadors have the knowhow to share product demonstrations or samples in a professional and friendly manner.


From in-person connections to social media, our teams are empowered to increase word-of-mouth for your products and your brand. We also have social media experts who can work with your brand to fully integrate your messaging online as well as on the street.


We are ready to provide turnkey solutions for your marketing needs. From initial concept and strategy all the way through fabrication, we’ll stick with you every step to insure your messaging is on brand and effective. 

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2015 SILVER EX AWARD WINNER: Best Mobile Marketing Campaign

T-Mobile was ready to share their “Un-Carrier Revolution,” and needed help educating consumers and increasing brand awareness. Using five T-Mobile BobCar Showrooms over a six-week period we were able to engage customers in the New York City, Boston and Philadelphia areas.

Our Brand Ambassadors were assigned to spark conversation and encourage customers to try the fastest 4G LTE network—dispelling myths about T-Mobile’s perceived network coverage. Qualified leads were handed off to T-Mobile retail representatives, resulting in 14.6K warm handoffs and 1.2K retail visits.

This campaign has been so successful it has expanded across the country, and is currently a finalist for the “Best Mobile Marketing” campaign from Event Marketer.

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Verizon was looking for a way to intercept and engage their audience about Verizon FiOS. We mobilized 10 Verizon-branded BobCars from May 2012 to August 2014, engaging with customers an average of 24 days per month.

Through live product demonstrations, attendance at local events, and expanding their current store showrooms onto the sidewalks, we were able to generate new leads and sign-ups at an amazing rate—eventually expanding their program across the country. Overall we tracked 201.5K conversations and 138.6M billboard impressions, leading to 12.1K FiOS packages sold.

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Camera manufacturer Olympus wanted to reinforce category presence and increase awareness in time for holiday shopping. Three BobCars were designed with custom showrooms, interactive displays and Olympus branding to gain holiday shopping attention and curiosity.

Gathering foot traffic and engagement from busy shopping districts, our teams were able to garner 368K trade and consumer interactions leading to 34 distribution contracts from full-time retailers. The program was extended an additional four months to boost Olympus in their first and second quarters of the following year.

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Clear planned to expand their subscriber base by reaching out to a new market and showcasing their products and pricing options. We created 11 custom Clear BobCars to bring the Clear brand message to its target audience—attending major events like tradeshows, festivals and parades in addition to stationing outside Clear and Best Buy retailers.

Success in an initial four markets allowed Clear to expand the program to six additional markets, contributing to 6.7M impressions, 196K interactions and 25K qualified leads.

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Fast food chain Wendy’s needed a way to introduce a new breakfast menu to their Southern region. Our solution was to enable four branded Wendy’s BobCars to spark conversations and drive traffic to restaurants. Cars were deployed in geo-mapped, planned areas to target morning commuters over a two-week period.

With brand engagement and a targeted audience market, we were able to gain over 1M media impressions and distribute 120K marketing offers. This brought a 500% increase in foot traffic to the local Wendy’s, increasing menu sales by ten times.

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Snickers picked the Daytona 500 and Kentucky derby to introduce their new Snickers Dark candy bar to consumers. To create additional buzz, and provide product sampling, we brought five Snickers BobCars to key locations where consumer traffic was highest.

Over a five-day period we delivered 25K Snickers Dark samples and over 350K impressions to race fans at areas in the Daytona event, within the parking lots and around post-race bars and hangouts. 

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BobCar Experiential Media
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BobCar - Samsung Mobile Showrooms
BobCar - Samsung Mobile Showrooms

Electronics company Samsung wanted to increase brand awareness and reinforce relationships with their digital camera offerings. We created six customized BobCars that served as mobile, interactive showrooms.

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