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Every brand has a story waiting to be written; waiting to be told. At Amplitude, we work with our brand partners to craft that story. We take an idea and shape, refine and fine-tune until we have perfected a final product. A meaningful story. One that resonates with consumers and encourages them to engage, interact and share. We believe that when a story is well told, people listen. Let us be the storytellers for your brand.


Our extensive CPG experience provides us with a deep understanding of what drives today’s shopper. Sound strategy built on shopper insights, along with executional know-how, enables us to not only take advantage of consumer behavior but also actively take part in shaping it.


Every brand starts out as an idea; something intangible that exists in the mind of the consumer. At Amplitude, we take the abstract and transform it into something tangible. We go beyond showing what your brand is and instead show who your brand is. We dream up multi-sensory, attention-grabbing events and experiences that bring brands to life and let consumers see, hear, touch, feel and even taste your brand. We are dedicated to creating experiences that work.


We are a group of writers, hackers, illustrators, photographers, designers, instagrammers, tumblrs and more. All this is driven by one goal, which is to creatively solve a problem. From an eight foot birthday cake to an entire retail space in Maryland, we have successfully transformed our client's strategies into visual and physical manifestations of a "brand I love" status.


We recognize that in an increasingly digital-centric world, brands have to exist where consumers are playing. From social media marketing to website building to mobile applications, Amplitude Marketing provides the tools and recommendations to give our clients an online presence to reach their audience in an authentic meaningful way.

Amplitude Marketing
Amplitude Marketing


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